In a single word stunning. That will be your first and last notion as you explore the work of Claudia Guerreiro. A native of Portugal, now living in the perpetual sunshine of South Florida, Guerreiro presents the world through seductive surrealism and impressionable calmness. Inspired by the opulence and vainglory of the modern images of beauty, Guerreiro pulls upon the elements of seduction, realism and the oblong to create masterful visions of brillance and allure. The captivating eyes and mesmerizing beauty of her work beg the viewer's curiosity to venture off into the artist's imaginative world where simplicity meets glamour on a canvas. A connoisseur of life and simple joys, her radiance beams subtly and boldly in a single breath. Claudia Guerreiro presents a world as jovial and stern as the elegant woman who graces the canvas with her touch.
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